Monday, March 02, 2015

Daily Makeup Routine { + trick}

My everyday look and how I do an easy cat-eye (it exists!).

Hello loves! I had a very busy day and needed to get some work done before I got to my blog post. Well here I have for you my daily makeup routine. It is pretty short and simple and I have a little trick I learned from Cosmopolitan's snapchat. They were actually talking about how to get your eyeliner to stay but through this I now can do such a perfect cat eye. So first we start with a before and after and then we move on to the steps. 

p.s. Excuse the messy closet that is my sister's side (hehehehhe). 



First: start with a smile! You are beautiful and you know it!

Second: start with primer. I do not necessarily do a full-face look but focus on my eyes.

So I rub some primer underneath my eyes.

Making everything moist and smooth.

Second: Concealer!

I spread the concealer underneath then use my brush to blend into my skin.

(I already look more awake!)

Third: Now I want the concealer to dry and set so I do my hair in between. Lately, I have been using an oil to moisture my locks.

Fourth: Eyeliner time

I used to to put it on rather thick but then it would get into my creases which was not the look I was going for. So now I put just the outline of where I want my eyeliner to be.

I used to like a block end that was more edgy.

Fifth: Now I use eyeshadow to fix it up (this is the trick!)

Using a smaller eyeshadow brush I dip it in the same color shadow as my eyeliner and swipe it over where I have my eyeliner outline.

Then I fix the ends by starting at the bottom of my eye and "painting" up towards the end of my eyebrow to get my cat eye.

Sixth: Mascara!

Define my lashes and my look is done!

There it is! I know you are suppose to use foundation as to even out all the skin colors on your face, but that is quite a bit of extra work that I just don't feel like doing and I am usually even enough on my face for my liking. If anything I wish I could get a tan because I am starting to look pale haha. Only thing left is lipstick if it goes with my outfit! Btw all these photos were taken with my iPad and they came out so clear. What is your daily routine?

Happy Monday!

|Thanks for Reading!|

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