Monday, February 16, 2015

You Are Beautiful {Challenge}

Good Morning my loves! I hope you had a very loving weekend and in the spirit of love and beauty I have a challenge for you. My little sister challenged me and 20 other of her friends for the Instagram #20beautifulwomenchallenge. And at first I was like really, but why. However, after getting over being judgemental I realized what a positive and great idea this is for women empowerment! So then I was totally into the idea. Plus who doesn't like a good selfie. But I thought this could definitely go a step further. Making this idea average into epic. 

I got the idea to also do the #uglyseflie and #uglyselfiechallenge started by the adorable Ansel Elgort and his friends who said (this is paraphrased), "find a picture that you would never ever think about posting on Instagram and post it. It shouldn't be about posting the perfect selfie because that is unrealistic. Just have fun with it, be yourself and less self conscious." Now I think both Ansel and I can agree that is very sexy and beautiful. You can read no more about on his Insta or

Now my loves I challenge you and your friends to the #20beautifulwomenchallenge because you are all beautiful and so lovely. And if you want to take it a step further and try out the #uglyselfiechallenge go for it! Just be comfortable and just be you because that is what is truly valuable. Love yourselves' my loves and remember I love you too.

Happy Monday!

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