Thursday, January 29, 2015

Winterize your nails

Winterize your nails

The beauties over at the Julep company asked me to put together my best tips, tricks and routine for getting my nails "winterized." I happily agreed to share because I adore painting my nails and boy they have some fabulous products to use. So for my first step

1. Moisturize Baby: I know, especially in the winter, everything gets dry and brittle, even your nails. That is why I always have moisturizer or hand cream readily available. Now my trick for this is to also rub your regular old moisturizer/cream onto your nails (especially after you take your nail polish off). Your nails can get irritated from the cold + nail polish combo so to refresh them, lather on some cream and let it sit for a day or two. 

2. Shape that nails of course! You need to keep your nails tidy and well shaped so that they do not grow too funky! My trick is to cut them first not short and then file them to your desired shape. 

3. All about that Base (and I hope you read that to the tune of Meghan Trainor's song). Now here you have a couple of options on what you can do. Whether you like to focus on your cuticles, just the nail, or everything make sure you put on a base coat before the color. This way your nail is protected and the color last longer.

4. Give me some color! Last but not least time to get painting. I am completely loving pink everything at the moment and the soft pink Shari is exactly what I want to wear right now (in fact I have almost an exact color on). But kinda funny I had a dark blue on the week before just like Ilsa. And of course if you have been following me for a while you know I can always go for some gold like Sawyer. 

Those are my tricks tips and routines my loves! Easy and manageable just the way I like it. Definitely check out Julep and explore what they have. Also I would love to hear any advice you have to
winterize your nails!

Thank you so much to Abbey and the Julep team for letting me collaborate with you!

Happy Thursday!

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