Monday, January 19, 2015

Short Hair don't Care

Hello my loves! Sorry for the week absence but I was on a volunteer trip in Atlanta, Ga. 

And due to no wifi I could not post :(. Sorry babes but luckily I have a couple of posts ready to go. I am working on a post all about my amazing Atlanta trip so stay tuned!!

Here it is! My new short and darker brown look! I want to go back to all brown and since I needed a haircut anyway we decided to go a bit shorter. I haven't had this short hair for years! It is definitely refreshing and fun to have shorter hair and all the blonde parts are gone. I'm thinking I may end up just dyeing the rest of it in a couple of weeks but we will see. I am also really curious to see how curly it will be once I wash it!

Also, I wanted to mention Aero's Jeans for Teen Campaign! They are running a donation from now into Febuary where you donate your old jeans for teens in need and then you get to take pics and a 20% off coupon! I thought this was perfect timing since I just got back from my volunteer trip. I will be donating tomorrow and you can check it out on Insta!

Happy Monday!

Plus here as promised is a full look of my BK Brooklyn Boy's section tee c/o Aero. It really is so cool (and extra comfortable since it is made for boys).

Photos by Morgan

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