Monday, January 26, 2015

Jeans for Teens

Head on over to you nearest Aero store!

Hello loves! The east coast is undergoing an extreme blizzard that is going to have historic heights of can imagine my look of disdain. But I have a post explaining something is makes me happy and that is Aero + Donating. 

Aero is running there Jeans for Teens Campaign now thru February. Your donated jeans is given to homeless teens and those in need. Plus you get 20% off on your same day purchase! When you donate take an inset pic and use the hashtag #jeansforteens. I can't wait to see your pics on insta! Take your besties and do a group pic together, that's what I did. 

Happy Monday!

Celeb Shenae Grimes donating a pair of jeans. 
The Vamps doing there part as well!

Photos c/o Aero

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