Friday, January 02, 2015

Active Wear

Eye of the Tiger. 

This shirt is so sassy. It is really does get me motivated to workout. I've used it for a couple of different workouts; here you see me during a yoga session and after an afternoon run (hence the no makeup look). Since finals and the holidays I have been a bit lazy with my workouts and I need to get back into them. I would really love to do kickboxing but I do not have a local class that sign up for. I'm sure there are probably some awesome ones online that I should look for. What workouts are you currently in to?

Next week, I have a couple of posts for the rest of my active/lounge wear c/o Aeropostale. Stay tuned.

Have a fab weekend!

photos by Olivia

|The Outfit|
Shirt: c/o AERO
Sweats: GAP
Sneakers: NIKE
Headband: sister's

|Thanks for Reading!|

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