Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sugar & Spice: NYE Look 3

Soft, girly, and feminine. 

Here is the last look for my three-part post and I thought I would go a little more casual, for any ladies attending cozy house parties, but definitely more feminine. And speaking of feminine let's have a little discussion especially since it was such a big topic in 2014! I never really understood the significance or even struggle that came with stating you are a feminist or the impact it has. In fact, I used to think it was silly and why can't people simply believe in equality without putting a label on it. Now, I still do have those sentiments but I do have a better idea of what feminism is. Women (and some smart men) want to see that women are just as empowered, important and well-paid as the other gender. It is the fact that your gender should not influence whether you get the job or a raise or anything else in society; you should get those things due to a positive attitude, an A+ resume and a good work ethic. 

So I guess we will have to leave it to 2015 on whether or not I am a feminist but I do know everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed so don't stop until you get!

As for the outfit: I actually got the inspiration for this on pinterest (and since it is a more relaxed look I plan on wearing this next time I am out to brunch or maybe even class if I dare). The oversized sweater fit perfectly with the slouchy and drappiness of the purple dress. Then, being a bit trendy (and because it is cold) tall boots worked way better than high heels or booties. Next, for a little glam moment I layered on jewelry. Now to turn this into a quick everyday where: add boot socks, put on a thick knit scarf, parka coat and you are good to go! 

My year round up is up tomorrow!
Happy Tuesday!

Mid-twirl because this is the perfect flowy dress to dance in!

And I do not think I have shoed you yet but here is my new bling! I got my cartilage pierced and after going through three earrings and a bit of pain here is the final earring that I love and is working. It was actually a Christmas gift and it is my horoscope sign Libra. All about that balance baby! (and I only check my horoscope once a week on refinery29. It keeps me up-to-date.)

|The Outfit|
Dress: FREE PEOPLE (similar hereherehere)
Boots: c/o AERO
Fur Keychain: MICHAEL KORS
Lipstick: COVERGIRL Chubby Stick
Necklace: H&M
ALEX AND ANI, vintage

|Thanks for Reading!|

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