Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Summer being my fav, here is one of my best looks from the season. 

My year of hair and music. 

For this time's year review I picked out the two major things that happened and I experienced: hair and music. My hair had some major evolutions from all brown to almost all blonde, straight, curly, bangs and filled with hair chalk. So I think after so much color change and everything it'll be a nice change to see what all brown looks like with a shorter cut. Now music music music. I was able to attend so many concerts (of some of my favorite bands) and it was so amazing. I saw Kings of Leon three times, Beyonce for the first, my loves One Direction, and two music festivities: EDC and Made In America in Philly. 

This new year I am looking forward to an awesome spring semester at school, some traveling to places I have never been and whatever other surprises there are. Enjoy your festivities babes! And thank you for checking this site out. I appreciate and love love love your support, the collaborations I am able to do with different people and groups and and just expressing and writing something I really love. 


Kings of Leon at Madison Square Garden.
Blonde hair and hair chalk. 
Beyonce~ 'nuff said
Kings of Leon at Central Park early in the am. 
My love One Direction.
Bang Bang 
Calvin Harris (and so many more) at EDC.
Made in America Festival with KOL, Pharrell, the Kingos, Tiesto, and lots more. 
And a little overview of my hair situation throughout the hair.

|Thanks for Reading!|

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