Tuesday, September 23, 2014


New post ahhhhhhhhh!

Hello my beautiful loves! How have you been! I know it seems like I have forgotten you but I have not! I think I am finally figuring out my schedule (took long enough I know) and can fit in the stuff that I want to get to do along with what needs to get done. Let me give you a little background info so you can see why the bloggie has not been updated so often. Mostly two reasons 1) I am taking Organic Chemistry this year which is VERY time consuming and challenging. I'm not going to say hard because sitting down and studying isn't hard just a lot of work. With this taking up a lot of time I have not been 2) in the mood/inspired to write. And I never want to say things just to say it so I waited until I had the relaxation and time that I like to have to show you my outfits and thinggggs. I'm hoping that I will be back to daily posts! Thank you so much for your patience and love I really do appreciate it all! In fact, I have three collabs in the works which I am soooooo excited to share with you soon. Btw I'm not sure if I'm going to get to my Fashion Week round-up. I know I'm sorry! I'm going to try and fit it in but if I don't get to it style.com has all the shows and their looks from NY, London, Milan and Paris. I do have to say Fendi was my fav so far

As for the outfit: this originally was what I going to I wear to Made in America but since it was too hot (and thank god I changed!) I saved it for a rainy day. And it came! I loved how intense the print on the jumpsuit is and how the leather jacket really cools down the outfit and makes it put together. It really makes the outfit way better with than without it. I kept my sandals classic and girly but nothing to take away from the jumpsuit and vest. Then my suede Zara bag has been my go-to bag as a of late. I have my eye on a snakeskin one for the bday coming up (hint hint to my mom if you are reading this)! Last, I've been rocking a headband on the days that I don't feel like doing the bangs or it's too humid to bother with them. Speaking of headbands, check out the killer new one I received c/o 9th & Elm on insta! More about that coming up, but for now check out their site with some beautiful handmade and independent designers and products. What do you think of the look? 

Happy Tuesday babes!

photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Jumpsuit: mom's
Headband: vintage
Sandals: OLD NAVY
Bracelets: FRANCESCA'S, ASOS, DIY, vintage

|Thanks for Reading!|

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