Monday, August 04, 2014

Weekend Diary

[Excuse our (especially my) half asleep face, we woke up at 4:30 am for this.] 

From the city to the shore. 

Though this weekend we had some big plans, they fell through. A quote that I will always remember from one of my high school spanish teacher always saying is "You make plans and God laughs at you." It is so true! You think it is going to go one way and BAM curveball and you are in a new direction. The best thing you can do about that is take it with a grain of salt, accept the change and make the best out of it. Hopefully it isn't too bad. I definitely learned a couple of things during this lack-luster weekend that will be very helpful in the future. 

Anyway back to 2 weekends ago and one of the best weekends ever; Savanna, Amanda (my besties) and I had quite an adventured filled day one Friday early morning. Savanna told us that Kings of Leon would be performing for Good Morning America in Central Park in NY; the catch, it was at 8am in the morning and you needed to get there by 6am. Savanna, having known Amanda and I forever knows what a struggle it is in the mornings (we are not morning people) but this is a free KOL concert and we needed to be there. So we set our alarms and drove to the city by 6:30. Finding parking was entertaining and finally we were walking through central park. Being so close to the city and also adoring NY (it is like my second home), each time I visit feels like it's the first time all over again. Walking through Central Park so early in the am is really gorgeous. I recommend it! We reach the KOL stage and are pretty close to my loves Caleb, Jared, Mathew, and Nate. The catch though (because it is filmed during the show) is that they play only three songs and that's at 8:30....but whatever it was totally worth it. 

We hadn't eaten anything yet so we walking over to the Plaza and went to the underground bakeries where we picked up crepes. I got salmon and cream cheese on my crepe with a coffee. Super delicious. Next, we were dying to visit a zoo before the end of the summer and what better opportunity than to check out the Central Park Zoo! It was a little smaller than we thought and super hot so a couple of the animals were hiding in the shade (I don't blame them) but it was fun.

That was the end of our city adventure and next was the beach. A quick outfit change and Amanda and I went dts (down the shore) with our Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. But we were first stopping at Six Flags for some roller coaster fun. Then we headed to the beach house and stayed the weekend there. It was a really a great weekend and I was so happy to fit all those things in a short amount of time. You win some and you lose some right. You can always find my mini adventures on insta! @dhope. 

Happy Monday and I hope you enjoy the pics!

KOL stage.
Central Park 

Beach shots.

Inside the Plaza. 

Yummy breakfast crepes. 
Penguin at the Central Park Zoo.
Outfit for the City.
Six Flags.
Barnegat Lighthouse. 

Walk to the beach. 

Ended the weekend with a perfect ice-cream cone.

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