Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Smoothie Idea

Hey lovelies, I have a quick smoothie idea for you here. These are the ingredients:

-Greek Yogurt
-1 Banana
-Handful of Strawberries
-(If you want) your choice of Milk

That easy and delicious! Oh and I made a freakin' awesome smoothie the other day. Those ingredients  were: 

-Cut up watermelon
-Handful of Oats and almonds
-Frozen Blueberries
-Almond Milk

The above smoothie was so unexpectedly refreshing and yummy with just the right amount of sweet and nutty flavors. 

Let me know which one you try and like. 
Happy Wednesday!

p.s. The One Direction concert last night was AMAZING! Total fangirl now and I have pictures to share. 

|Thanks for Reading!|

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