Friday, August 29, 2014


From the beginning . . . 

For my Florida Photo Diary this year I wanted to do something a little different. All of these photos were taken on my phone because that is what I had with me constantly. And I snapped away. I wanted this to be a little more personal and didn't post too many on instagram. At least for me, sometimes I can be clouded by social media and I forget the "oh this is really beautiful" part and turn immediately to "that is instagram-worthy." To get back to the simpleness of photography I just took picture after picture of what I thought was interesting, pretty, and cool. These photos are unedited (except for the couple that were put on insta) and I truly had a blast on vacay. Thank you to my family for always putting a splendid vacation together each year. Lots of love babes!

Happy Friday!

I absolutlely love plane rides. They are so different from other transportation that is takes you above the clouds (see what I did there :P ).

Can't go to a tropical place and not snap a picture of palm trees. 

One of the nights my mom found us a food truck festival and we went and overate so many delicious foods. This one was an asian taco. 
Absolute favorite: an other worldly lobster sandwich. It melted in my mouth. 
Getting daring with a frita.
A massive burrito.  
Bread pudding and ice-cream for dessert. 
Stunning sunset after our over-indulgence!
We are beach ready! c/o AERO top and Flip-flops.
Chilling with the sisters at the pool. 

Ummmm do you think we like magazines . . .
My beach view.

My mom testing our her fish braid skills. Pretty amazing right! She wants a new way to end the braid, any tips?
Sun, relaxation, reflection.
My future beach house (hehe).
Found myself a baby coconut. But I couldn't open it because you need a machete to do that and I don't have one (lol). 

Love, love, love this. We all need to be reminded that ALL OF US look/are gorgeous. 

Palm tree obsession but this photo came out pretty cool.
Back from some shopping. This look will get a full outfit post. 
Night view.
OOTB (outfit of the beach)
My favorite bikini for this season: bandeau with fringe!

Tanned selfie. 

Night at the Gulfstream.
Hello Marilyn!

Tropical outfit: c/o AERO vest, crop top, sister's shorts, gma's shoes, PHILLIP LIM bag. 
My mom getting fancy!
The bay view. 

Sister (Olivia) being a supermodel.
Because why wouldn't we jump into the pool!

Nighttime at South Beach Miami.

OOTN: crop top RAINBOW, collar necklace FOREVER 21, shorts HOLLISTER

Heading home on the train.
OOTT (outfit of the train): c/o AERO Romper, kimono HOLLISTER
"Hold one (I'm) we're coming home." All the girls in one spot.  
Reading Harper's Bazaar September Issue (which was really good, my fav issue of this month) in my train bed before I go to sleep.

And that's it!

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