Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Mix and match

Putting some new pieces and fav pieces for the summer made this casual, comfy outfit. The leopard sweatshirt is definitely the staple to my look but the other pieces really completed the look. Since I was playing with two different prints from my sweatshirt (and sweTshirts are huge for the fall and winter so stock up!) and box bag. Adding the denim shorts kept the look cool and then I threw on espadrilles because I hadn't worn them this season yet.

I'm starting to realize with fashion and a lot of other things is to just go for it. This sweatshirt was another piece I thought I would save for the fall but then I was like hell I'm wearing it now. And I'm trying to put that sentiment in other aspects of my life to, to not get caught up in the small stuff, try not to be afraid and do what feels right. Simple enough right.

Also excuse the large hair flip, my hair was a bit dirty and putting it up wasn't an option. 

Happy Tuesday!

Photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Sweatshirt: c/o AERO
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Bracelets: ASOS, DIY, vintage, c/o AERO

|Thanks for Reading!|

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