Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hat Game

Turning it up with killer accessories. 

Hello my loves I am back! I am sorry for the absence but I needed to finish my summer class as painlessly as possible. I will admit I didn't think it was going to be such a struggle but just as a heads-up for those in college (or going to college) really consider how you study and how you feel about summer vacation; because if you see summer time as THE time to relax is takes a lot of will power to sit down and study. So just a little tip for you!

Now back to whats really important (haha just kidding) the outfit. I wore this look to the launch of Aero's new fall collection. I wanted something edgy and cool but not overdressed. This was the perfect balance. I knew I wanted to wear this really amazing LBD with an open back from the Aero collection. I really love how it looks super simply in the front and then an unexpected back design. Then I added the denim jacket for some toughness. I don't get to wear my hat as much as I like so I added it on along with my speckled box bag and snake sandals to keep it a bit casual. What do you think of the look? Thank you so much for still checking in and reading the blog!

Happy Thursday!

p.s. Just a little location update I'm in Miami B****. Just kidding but probably when you read this I'll have landed for a much needed vacay. 

photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Dress: c/o AERO
Denim Jacket: c/o AERO
Hat: UO
Sandals: GAP
Bracelets: ASOS, vintage, c/o AERO, DIY, 

|Thanks for Reading!|

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