Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Utility Vest

Now my new favorite staple in my wardrobe. 

Hello my loves! Up early today, at least for me. I have a mini plan my sister and I are testing out to see if when can get up a bit early and start the day off being productive. Well, today is working out so we shall see how the rest of it goes. Today is one of my lil sister's birthday so she is having a little party. And with class and everything, I figured I was not going to be able to do a post later so I found the motivation to do it now. 

As for the outfit: definitely one of my fav for the season and I am going to wear it out again. I loved how I was able to mix a trend, reuse a (very) old piece, and wear some of my favorite pieces in the outfit. So the skirt is one of my oldest pieces in my closet; I have had it since the beginning of high school. It is simple and classic that I can reuse it over and over again. Then we have this super trendy crop top I picked up at a cheap store in Jersey City. My mom, sisters and I love going in there because we find so much stuff for such a low price. It has a print on it (snakeskin) and the two straps makes it different from other tops. Next is this vest which I used all through the weekend and then some. You guys know my love for vests, and this one being light and going with everything, I am wearing nonstop. Last we have these strap sandals which I also have on repeat.  

Happy Wednesday!

photos by Morgan

|The Outfit|
Skirt: very old
Sandals: OLD NAVY
Vest: c/o AERO
Bracelets: ASOS, MARC JACOBS, vintage, DIY

|Thanks for Reading!|


  1. That green utility jacket is so cute, especially with that royal blue skirt.


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