Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Wednesday Inspoo

Midweek pick me up!

And actually do to the exact quote above I do not have an outfit post for you. I know bad blogger alert but I have not needed to really stretch my style muscles too too much so I haven't. It's not good to force things anyway right. It is actually funny because my sisters and I were talking about this quote and how we all have this same fear. We recently went shopping and have not worn all of our new clothes yet because we have not had a good enough place to wear them too yet. That may be a bit weird but oh well...

I have a mixture of inspoo for you today. Some from blogs, celebrity and style websites, tumblr, pinterest and a couple of them are my own shots from my camera and insta that I edited to make look kinda cool. I recently found a new app that lets you put different effects and write quotes on top of pictures so I'm a little obsessed with what I can create. Anyways, all can be found on my pinterest boards so you can check it out there! 

Happy Wednesday!

This dog...please insert multiple big heart eyes emojis.


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