Monday, June 16, 2014

The Blogger's Sisters

Introducing all of my sisters!

This is definitely one of my favorite posts to date! I am so happy my sisters let me do pictures with them so that I could have them on the blog. So you guys know Amanda and I have mentioned the other two but as a refresher they are Olivia and Morgan. Olivia the tallest one, is a couple of years younger and 5'7". I am in heels which is why I don't look so puny next to her. Then Morgan, the youngest, is almost as tall as Amanda and I so, I'm sure she will be around Olivia's height. We were going out to a fancy party which caused for us to get all dressed up. It is interesting and fun to see all of our different styles that show our personalities but we also share clothes and accessories, even the littlest one! So a lot of it is the same but different. And yes, for the weekend I straightened by curly locks to change things up. 

I have a couple posts coming up to share all of our outfit details! There is also some fun events in the works, can't wait to share. I hope you guys have a great start to your week.

Happy Monday!

All of us in motion (and me running in to position) before the timer went off to take the picture.

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