Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Prom Ideas Part I {With Alli}

First part to an extended prom project. 

Hello loves! Sorry for no post yesterday but I had a busy and super fun memorial day weekend that I cannot wait to share the pictures with you guys. Between a trip down the shore and my first visit to the Electric Daisy Carnival it was one of the best Memorial Day Weekends I have had. Now I am back and have a couple of different posts to share. Today I have a very pleasant surprise because Alli is guest posting! We collaborated on my little sister's formal where Alli did all of the hard work with hair and makeup and I took the pictures. This is a multiple part post so you will see lots of different styles. Here is the first look enjoy!


With formal and prom season currently in full swing, Danielle and I collaborated on a few different looks for any special occasion. With the help of some juniors from Nutley High School, their various dress types, and differing personal styles, we have created five different looks that any glamazon can alter and recreate. I am going to break down the hair and makeup for each girl into the simplest steps to follow.

The “Knot” So Simple Look:

            Our first model, Olivia, chose a beautiful black, lace dress for her formal. Together we decided to enhance her natural beauty by pulling her hair into a top knot with an elegant twist and utilize a simplistic cat eye and red lip to amp it up a little.  I am going to provide a list of hair and makeup products I used to achieve this look and hopefully make the instructions easy enough for you to follow.

Hair Products Used:
-       Dove Hair Therapy, Volume Dry Shampoo  or L’Oreal EverStyle, Energizing Shampoo
-       Dove Hair Therapy, Extra Hold Hairspray or L’Oreal, Elnett Satin (Unscented because the Scented one smells like old ladies)
-       Tons of Bobby Pins, preferably matching your hair color
-       Mini elastics and Regular hair elastics
-       Teasing Comb or Brush
-       Tube Sock or Pre-made Donut Bun

-       And if you want,  a Braided headband matching your hair color.

1.     I started this look by adding some dry shampoo to Olivia’s hair in order to add texture. I prefer doing any “special occasion” hair with day-old or two-day-old hair, but you can always add dry shampoo to clean hair and achieve the perfect texture to hold anything you may be doing to it. Make sure to hit the roots at the front of your hair and at the nape of your neck with the dry shampoo, as well as adding some to the ends of your hair.


2.     Next, I separated the hair into two sections. The top section of hair I created by running my thumbs from the temples on each side to the back of her head. I used her eyebrows to create the correct line for this section. I then clipped this aside so I could work with the remaining hair for my second section. I then asked Olivia to flip her head upside down so I could create a French braid starting from the nape of her neck upwards. (If you don’t know how to do a French braid, Youtube would be your best friend right now!).

3.     Once I had the French braid completed, I used a mini elastic to secure the end. I then combined the hair from my top section with the French braided section, into a ponytail pretty high on the crown of her head. This is where I added the pre-made donut bun to her hair. I know that each person has a different way of doing it, but I prefer to place the donut over the ponytail and pull the hair through the center of it. I then hairspray bobby pins and begin pinning the pieces of hair from the ponytail to make the bun of my desire. If you choose to roll your hair into a sock bun, that works too!

4.     My last special touch was to take a braided headband matching Olivia’s hair color, put it around the bun, and pin it into place. I finished it up with a few sprays of hair spray and combed down the baby hairs, and you have a “Knot So Simple” top knot!

Makeup Products Used: (After you apply foundation to your liking)
-       Mac, Soft Brown eyeshadow
-       Mac, Shroom eyeshadow
-       Makeup Geek, Peach Smoothie eyeshadow
-       Revlon, Color Stay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black
-       L’Oreal, Smoldering Eyeliner in Black
-       Benefit, Hoola Bronzer
-       Elf, Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky
-       Any red lip color
-       Tarte, Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara

1.     With her primer and foundation already applied, I added some concealer onto Olivia’s eyelids to ensure that the eye shadow wouldn’t budge throught the night. I used a big fluffy brush to apply a skin-tone eyeshadow shade all over her lid and up to her eyebrows. I then used a tapered fluffy brush to apply the mid-tone brown into the crease of her eye. If you have trouble finding the crease, open your eyes look to see where the eyelid meets the eyebrow bone. I used windshield wiper motions to apply this shade back and forth. The first place you put the brush down is going to be the darkest, so I always like to apply the shadow into the crease on the outer corner and work the color inwards.

2.     I then lined her waterline with the smoldering eye pencil. This part is always difficult to do on other people but if you look up while drawing the line, it eliminates some of the uncomfortable feeling. I also used a pencil brush to apply that some mid-tone brown shade onto the lower lash line. This step ties the lower lash line to the rest of the look.

3.     Next, I take the liquid liner and pulling the eyelid loosely, I trace the shape of her eye from the inner corner to the outer corner. Take your time to create a nice straight line and you can choose the thickness of the liner that you desire. Once the liner on the eyelids is to your desire, add a small wing to each eye. You can do this by imagining a line from the lower lash line up to the end of your eyebrow. If you follow that imaginary line, making the wings even on each side is slightly easier.

4.   As my finishing touches, I put some highlighting eye shadow into her tear ducts and onto the brow bone. I then add a few coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Using any matte bronzer, lightly bronze the cheekbones and temples for a slight contoured look. Then apply blush onto the apples of the cheeks. I then took a stippled brush and blended everything together on her face so there were no harsh lines from foundation, bronzer, and blush. And finally, add whichever red lip color matches your skin tone. 

Olivia’s look took a simple and classic look and added some current trends to make her formal look come together. Her natural beauty shined through due to the minimal makeup and pulling her hair into a fancy top knot.  And, as a bonus, this look is simple enough to wear with a t-shirt and boyfriend jeans. 

I thought Olivia looked stunning and Alli did such an amazing job for this first look. Stay tuned for the next parts! I will have a picture of all of them in their complete looks after all the tutorials are up!

Happy Tuesday!

|Thanks for Reading!|

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