Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hair Chalk How-To

Easy Hair Chalk steps.

Hello my loves. I am showing you today how to use hair chalk and as I mentioned yesterday it can even be done if you have dark, curly hair like me; The chalk is still visible!

1. I started out by spraying Beach Babe texturizing sea salt spray in my hair. I focussed on my hair from below my ear down because that is where I was putting the chalk in. I made sure my hair was just a little damp so that the chalk would stick.

2. Then I picked a strand of hair placed my hair in-between the chalk and sponge and pulled the chalk down along the length of my hair. Easy-peasy! 

3. You can add a little hairspray when you are done; I didn't but it would make it last a bit longer. 

4.Pick as many pieces as you want to be colored, style as usual and your done!

5. The two things I recommend is: a) wear a shirt you don't care about because it is going to get chalky. I did not know that and dirtied my favorite white shirt. b) Use second day hair because the extra oil will help make the chalk stick instead of hairspray. 

Hair chalk comes in a rainbow of colors and can be bought cheap depending on which store you get yours from. This look is perfect for festival season and to change things up without going permanent. What do you think?

Happy Tuesday!

photos by Amanda

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