Monday, April 14, 2014

Blue Hair Don't Care

Hitting up the pastel hair trend. 

If you follow my insta (@dhope) you may have noticed that I put blue in my hair! I was feeling a little change and thought in honor of festival season, spring, and a why-not attitude I just went for it. Plus this month is national autism awareness month and blue is the color that represents it. So it was meant to be. The only thing is it only lasted a day and a half because once I washed my hair it came out. Which is okay because I only used chalk. What do you think of the pastel hair color trend? I will be putting up the tutorial to do this look this week so stay tuned! And yes you can do it even with dark curly hair!

Happy Monday beauties!

p.s. Kylie Jenner put up a pic of her with this exact color and I would just like to say I did it first (haha). 

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