Friday, March 14, 2014

No Makeup Makeup look with Alli

Another tutorial by the stunning and talented Alli Ariemma for you guys today!

Start your Friday with a perfect easy makeup tutorial for you guys. Enjoy!

My Go-to “No Makeup” Makeup Look:

I know you are all reading this title and thinking “how on earth could you have a no-makeup makeup look?” Or for those of you who are a little less PG, “what the …?!” But realistically speaking, as beautiful as each and every person is in their pure and natural form, sometimes we have those days where we feel… just blah. This looks is perfect for those days you feel blah, but also don’t want to wear your full glamazon face. Whether you have uneven skin tone, an obvious blemish, dark or puffy bags under the eyes, or dullness in your skin, this look provides a quick fix to those gloomy days and still allows your “natural” beauty to shine through.

Now, there are multiple steps to my “No Makeup” makeup look and you can stop after any of these steps if you feel like you have received your desired look. As someone who thoroughly enjoys full-on glam face for all occasions, my “no makeup” look has more steps than some. But remember, each glamazon is different and needs to embrace their beauty in their own way. So lets put on our face for the “no makeup” makeup look (haha ironic, I know).

1 1.  Prime that pallet!- The first step in all makeup applications is to prime your pallet. This is the easiest way to achieve a little extra oomph in your skin. By applying a pore perfecting primer, such as Benefit’s POREfessional or L’Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Pore Vanisher, you can tighten the skin and vanish the look of pores. This step alone can make all the difference in a ‘blah’ face. You could very well stop here, but if you want to continue with this look…

1 2.  ‘Ceal the deal!- Conceal any red spots or blemishes , as well as the under-eye area to get rid of dark circles or puffy bags. By using a blendable concealer you can cover up any imperfections you choose. And then draw an upside-down triangle under your eye, fill it in, and then blend it out to conceal those bags. I also like to throw a little bit of concealer onto the eyelids to tie everything together. Use L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer and a damp Beauty Blender to achieve the perfect look. Throw some transluscent powder over the concealer and be on your way. Again, stop here if you wish or keep it going….

13.     Define those brows!- I have been obsessed with defined brows lately, especially those of Danielle from Casually Dapper, and have been growing mine in to get those full, fierce brows. But, on days where I’m not wearing a full face of makeup, I do not fill in my brows intensely. Instead, I use my Anasatasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz to draw a line under my brows. I use short, angled strokes to ensure that it doesn’t look like I used a sharpie to color them in. Then I use the Anastasia Brow Gel to keep my hairs in place throughout the day. If you have reached glamazon status, then stop. If you are not quite there yet…

14    Add some color!- With the concealer and brows done, you might be looking a little chalky or dull. To look less like a manikin and more like a glamazon, add some bronzer or blush to bring some color back into your face. I like to use my small ELF stippling brush and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural to bronze the contours of my face. I do the cheekbones, temples, and down the sides of my nose. And to add a little blush or highlight, I like to use any color desired on the apples of my cheeks. If you have reached this step, might as well continue to the last one…

5. Make those eyes pop!- Throw on a couple coats of any mascara you love. I tend to layer my 
     mascara and add at least three coats to create my desired look. To help with this step, make sure   
     to use an eyelash curler and be sure to get the lower lash line as well!

Remember pretties, you can very easily go out with no makeup on whatsoever and rock your natural beauty. But for days you feel like you NEED just a little extra, use any steps, 1-5, to create your go-to “no makeup” makeup look. Until next time, stay beautiful glamazons!

Oh and p.s.- If you try any of my tips or tutorials, tag me in your IG pics so I can see! (@makeupbyallisun). 

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