Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Chanel Moment {PFW 2014}

Needed to take a moment to share and appreciate this show. 

This morning before I started my day, I looked at my instagram to see what the world was up to while I was sleeping (I think a lot of us do this, or maybe it's just me). Boy did I get a wake up call when I saw snip bits from the Chanel show! All of these thoughts went through my mine at hyper speed as I obsessively stalked the show: "this is truly fashion art, what a show, god I wish I saw it in person, needs to go on the blog now, maybe I'll regram a picture".... a very busy morning. Who, but Karl himself would think to literally make a Chanel grocery store and have his models walk through it as if they were shopping. Surreal. I will do a full PFW review, but if you hadn't seen the Chanel show yet you needed to see it. 


All images via nydaily

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