Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Easy and beautiful makeup and outfit ideas for you tonight!

Hello my loves! I have a super special V-day post for you today. In collaboration with Alli (makeup artist Alli-sun) we put together two complete outfits for your date tonight. Alli put together two makeup looks (with a easy to follow tutorial and everything) and I paired it with a matching outfit. I hope you guys know that you are all beautiful and loved and regardless if you are single or not have a fabulous night with your family, friends, and loved ones. Really Valentine's Day is about expressing your love to the most important people around you from mom to a bf. Make it count! Kisses my loves!

Happy Friday!

p.s Huge shout out and thank you to Alli for such an amazing post. Love you!

Happy Valentines Day, Glamazons!

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love… Love for your family, friends, significant others, and yourself. So why not doll yourself up for whatever plans you may have on February 14th? Using the beautiful, rose gold inspired Urban Decay, Naked 3 Palette, I have created two potential valentine’s day looks for whatever your plans may be. The first look is a sweet and subtle, barely there makeup look with a bright lip. The second look is a bit more sultry and sexy, with dark eyes, pale lips, and a bit of contour. I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get each of these looks and provide a list of the products used.

Sweet and Subtle- This is a pale pink eye with a bit of shimmer and a whole lot of brightness. This eye will make you look awake and still add that touch of glamour desired for any Valentine’s Day plans. Feel free to add a bright lip or a pale lip to finish off this look.

(Foundation and brows are previously done with whichever products you choose)

1.     Prime the eye with any concealer or eye shadow base to create an even skin tone and texture. This step assures that the colors go on smoothly and the most pigment is shown.
2.     Take a fluffy brush and the color Limit into the crease of your eye. With windshield wiper motions blend the color into your crease to create a transition shade that also defines the crease of your eye. And remember to blend, blend, blend, and blend some more!
3.     With a small shadow brush, pat the color Burnout all over your lid. I like to use a patting motion because it allows you to pack on the most pigment and it minimizes the amount of shimmery fallout onto your beautiful foundation. I repeat this process a couple times to get the color as bright as I want it. Then I take that same fluffy brush from step 2 with no additional product on it, and blend again. This is to make sure there are not harsh lines between the two colors.
4.     With a small pencil brush or a smaller angled brush, I take the color Nooner and trace the outer “V” of each eye. I then drag the color into my crease to create more definition. This is a subtle way to add more definition to the crease. I am also going to take the same brush with some more Nooner and trace my lower lash line.
5.     For my final touches, I place the color Strange underneath my eyebrow for a highlight, as well as into my tear duct. This opens up and brightens the eye. And for an added bonus, I used nude eyeliner in my waterline. (Using nude or white eyeliner in your waterline creates the look of bigger, more awake eyes.) I then take any black eyeliner and draw a thin line across my lash line and finish off with a couple coats of mascara.

And here is the look paired with the Sweet and Subtle makeup. Since the makeup is all about natural beauty, basics would be paired perfectly with such makeup. You can never go wrong with a classic leather jacket and paired with you favorite, killer jeans and a glamorous-but-not-trying-to-hard blouse this outfit will last you all night. Then classic pumps and fun accessories completes your look out. 

Sexy and Sultry- For this look I wanted smokey eyes and pale lips with a more exaggerated contour. I always feel sexiest with a dark waterline and colors to make my eyes pop. With this palette, the pigments of the darker colors will compliment any skin tone and any eye color. Smokey bedroom eyes are the perfect look for a sexy dinner date or a hot ladies night out.

1.     Again my beauties start this look by priming the eyes with any concealer or eye shadow primer to create that even skin tone for the perfect color application.
2.     Take a fluffy brush and the color Limit and you guessed it, blend, blend, blend it into the crease of your eye. If you desire a darker crease or transition shade, than feel free to use the color Nooner for this step.
3.     With a small, flat eye shadow brush, apply the color Darkside into the inner and outer corner of your eye, leaving the center of the lid bare. You are going to do this step multiple times in the process to make the color as dark as desired and to clean up some lines. Remember, patting the color on instead of swiping it on decreases fall out and allows for the most color impact. After I sufficiently color the inner and out corners of my eyes, I take that fluffy brush and blend again.
4.     Then with the color Trick, I pat it on the center of my lid with the flattest brush I can find. If you want the gold to really pop, use a little bit of a makeup fixing spray or even eye drops to dampen the brush before applying the color. I pack this color onto the lid three or four times until I feel it is bright enough for me. Then I go back in with a small brush and the color Darkside, going over the originally placed colors to make it darker.
5.     For final touches, I continue to blend the crease until I feel like all harsh lines are gone. I also add a bit of Strange onto the brow bone and a dab in my tear ducts to brighten up the look slightly. I then take a small angled brush and drag Darkside onto my lower lash line, creating a smokey, blown-out effect. I also take black eyeliner and line my water to enhance the smokey-ness. My last step is to line my lash line with any liquid liner and top it off with a couple coats of mascara.

For sexy and sultry you need some fierce but not trashy pieces. Following some major trends for this season, thigh-high/knee-high boots would be perfect for tonight. Followed by a basic sweater dress and paired with (faux) fur, depending on what you like, this look is the perfect balance to sexy and sultry without being too revealing. And of course, depending on where you are located us east-coasters will need tights but the west can do without. Plus the fun accessories adds just the right amount of color to your sexy look. 

Which is you fav?

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