Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wrapped Around {Trend Try Out}

Finally took the plunge and tried the plaid shirt wrap around. 

Did you guys catch the Chanel Haute couture show? Karl being his usual genius paired fancy, divine dresses with.....sneakers. Did you see that one coming!? I was definitely loving the sneakers and some of the couture dresses and the combination was rather refreshing especially for a couture show. And incase you are wondering there are numerous inches of snow here on the east coast. I feel like I should share the weather update here since all the Cali bloggers always share that it is summer weather there. So jealous (as if you can't tell) and I know you probably totally don't care about the weather here but now you know just incase.

As for the outfit: I was totally in love with the vibe of this outfit. Between a leather skirt for day paired with a plaid waist shirt and my black hat I really loved the whole look. This outfit would be perfect for a day to night transition. Hmmm maybe a new video post will be coming up... This outfit was actually a little different from what I usually wear so I was sketchy about wearing it but once I faced my fears and just wore the outfit with all the confidence that I had, it worked. Confidence is the best thing you can possibly wear loves so own it. 

                                                               Happy Wednesday!

photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Boots: ZARA
Plaid Shirt: AE
Shirt: GAP
Hat: UO

|Thanks for Reading!|

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