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Top Makeup Tips and Tricks by Alli-sun

Guest (makeup) post by the talented makeup artist Alli-sun (Alli Ariemma).

Hello my loves! I have a super exciting post to share with you guys. Remember when I did the makeup collaboration with Alli Ariemma for the Golden Globes. Well here we have another collaboration in which Alli shared her best and smartest makeup tips. I hope you enjoy the post and a huge, special thank you to Alli for putting this together!!!  

Top Tips and Tricks

As a devout beauty lover and self-taught makeup guru, I have come across a few tips and tricks that help me with my daily looks and also help me bring those special occasion looks from drab to fab. I have been a slave to beauty and makeup since high school and over the last eight to ten years my beauty regiment has changed often. With the help of YouTube videos, inspiration from celebrities and Pinterest, and plenty of friends to practice on, I have honed in on some tips that every girl could use to bring out the Glamazon in themselves. Let’s start these tips from the bare naked beauties in us all and bring out the glam step by step.

1.     Primer- This is such a simple step in the beauty regiment and most people I have some across often forget this. For me, a primer is the way to prep the palette for the beauty transformation and although it is simple, it makes the world of difference. I like to use a variety of primers, based on the look of my bare skin, any present blemishes or discoloration, and even the occasion I will be attending. I apply each primer with my fingers, using circular motions to work the primer into the skin. My top primers to use are Benefit’s Porefessional, L’OrealMiracle Blur, and NYX Studio Perfect- Photo-Loving Primer.
2.     Concealer- This next beauty tool could easily be my favorite to use in multiple facets of the makeup application process. After my face is primed, I like to use L’OrealTrue Match Crayon Corrector in a color close to my skin tone to conceal any blemishes or discoloration. Another use for concealer is to use the same crayon corrector or one a shade or two lighter on the eyelids (I apply this after my foundation). This is to even out the skin tone on the lids and is can be used as an eye shadow base or a natural color for the lid. Lastly, I use concealer to highlight certain areas of my face. I like to use Revlon’sColorstay Concealer in a light color underneath my eyes, the bridge of my nose, a spot on my chin and an even smaller spot on my cupid’s bow (skin right above the dip in your lips). I then blend this out with my ring finger or beauty blender. My final step in this process is to apply a matte powder over the concealer to set the color and reduce any oil you may accrue throughout the day.
3.     Foundation-Foundation is both my favorite and least favorite beauty tool to utilize in each and every makeup look I create. Matching foundation to your skin tone (in a drugstore) is a difficult task and the proof is in my entire makeup bag filled with foundation rejects. In my experience, once you find a color that matches your skin tone, it is easy to pick and choose the types of foundation from each and every brand available. I prefer a full-coverage foundation look at all times. Although BB creams, CC creams, and tinted moisturizes are great for summer time and less coverage, my everyday preference is a medium to full coverage, with buildable coverage in the liquid foundation formula. My application a technique is to pour/ pump the foundation onto the back of my hand and use a RealTechniquesStippling Brush to apply the foundation to my face with circular motions. This allows me to build up the coverage and the stippling brush creates an airbrushed look. Another technique I use is to apply dots of foundation on my face and used a damp Beauty Blender to work the color into my skin, again in circular motions.
4.     Bronzer- For years I had fallen victim to bronzing my entire face for that perfect orangey look. Thankfully, I have learned the skill of contouring my face with bronzer and have not looked back since. I enjoy using Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer to contour my face, but there are plenty of drugstore bronzers that are perfect for this as well. The key for contouring is to make sure you choose a matte bronzer with NO shimmer in it. Also, choose a color that is more tan and terra cotta than orange or brown. If you choose a bronzer too dark or too orange, you can create a caked-on look. For contouring during the day, I either use RealTechnique’sContour Brush or a large fluffy brush contour my temples and cheeks. I like to suck in my cheeks and begin shading the hollows of my face. My guide is to shade from the top of my ear downwards towards my cheek and I stop shading directly under my eye. For a nighttime look, I do the same process but I use an angled brush or a smaller fluffy brush to make a more intense line and then blend that out with a contour brush.
5.     Liquid Liner- Has anyone ever heard the quote, “Never ask a girl with liquid liner why she is late?” Well, this quote perfectly explains my life. Liquid liner and the perfect cat-eye can be the most difficult step and the hardest to perfect. However, this step in the process pulls the entire look together. To this day I struggle with keeping my eyeliner even but there are a few tips I have learned. I like to use Revlon’s Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner and EyePen when I apply my eyeliner. I usually start with the wing and draw an angled line from the outside of my eye up towards the end of your eyebrow. Then to create the remainder of the wing, I draw an angled line back in towards the eye. Then I line my lash line, connect and fill in with color.
6.     Mascara- I love mascara and this simple beauty tool can be thrown onto a full face of makeup to tie everything together or on a bare naked face to open up and brighten your eyes. When I go out, I usually apply multiple mascaras or multiple coats of mascara to create long and voluminous lashes. My holy grail of mascaras are as followed: Benefit’s They’re Real, Tarte Lights Camera Lashes, L’Oreal Telescopic Lashes, and L’Oreal Double Extend Mascara.
7.     Lips- If any of you are girls are like myself, lipstick is AMAZING. I can wear foundation, mascara, and throw on a bright red or a deep purple lip and feel gorgeous. Although some colors can be scary, my best piece of advice is to try before you say no. I liked trying some of the cheaper lip colors, such as Wet and Wild before I purchased any other lipsticks from the drugstore because buying a lipstick and not liking the color can be expensive. Every single makeup brand has amazing colors, with both matte and shimmers, so I suggest experimenting and trying a color to switch up your everyday look. One quick tip for lips is to apply a white eyeliner or light concealer on the center of your lips before applying the color. Then apply whichever color you are using on top. This creates the look of fuller lips and adds some dimension to those matte, dark colors.

These are just a few of the ticks I use when applying my daily face and they really have transformed my beauty regiment. I enjoy experimenting on a daily basis and finding new things to do that create amazing looks. If you would like any more tips, tricks, or even product lists, I would be more than happy to share with you. And if you are in the New Jersey/ New York area and would like makeup for a special occasion, big or small, contact myself at And please check out my instagram @makeupbyallisun for images of work I have done. Special shout out to Danielle Llaneza for allowing me to work with her and share some of my makeup love on her blog.

Here are a couple of her pictures on insta! 

Happy Friday! And have an amazing weekend!

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