Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Inspoo

A collection of some lovely things for a rainy Saturday. 

Here are some inspoo for the weekend! I made this collage of some of my favorite quotes (some are my own words, others are by famous people or authors, and a couple are from my parents [hey they have some really good advice]) and I thought I should share. As most people like, I only go for positive, inspirational quotes that will keep me going. They are nice, gently reminders of what you are working for and looking to achieve. Hopefully these words will help and inspire you. 

Since this holiday season was super generous I was able to cross off some of the items I have been wishing for! That includes: a black hat, duffle bag, delicate bracelets, and a suede bag. So for now, I am currently looking for, instead of items and pieces, weekend trips and adventures. First up are music concerts and a little trip to Philadelphia. We shall see what else is in store, right? However, fashion is always on the move and I am focussing my sights on a new pair of sunnies; any suggestions? What are you on the hunt for? Tomorrow is the Golden Globes, so excited for the dresses!!

Happy Saturday!

p.s. I am thinking about a hair change; and by the inspiration present, going a bit blonde what do you think of that change?

Collage by me, Heart via the web
All other images: pinterest

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