Saturday, January 04, 2014

New Yorker {Inspoo}

New York Style: a little bit of inspiration. 

I am off to visit one of the greatest cities in the world today: New York City. I am actually really fortunate to live 20 minutes away from the city so I can hop on a train to Penn Station or take a car ride through the Lincoln Tunnel easy-peasy to get to the big apple. The city is one of my favorite places to be and if I didn't really want to live by a beach the city is my next option to find my dream home.  

For today's post I did some city inspiration; both building and street style wise. There really is nothing like dressing for the city. Women choose sleek, minimal, and functional pieces that show confidence, power, and beauty. Compared to other places like Cali where it is ultra relaxed (and I would know because I spend wayyyy to much time on other fashion hours...and pinterest too) or Paris with their characteristically understated yet rememberable looks and rather simple just way of life. You see, in Europe you work to live while in NYC (and most of America) you live to work. It is just the culture we are surrounded by. Sometimes it is nice to change your perspective a bit and see things in a different light. It really helps to understand the whole picture and not just what you are immersed in. 

I think my style is definitely influenced by the city; I mean you can find me in a black blazer, leather pants, and go-to black hat any day and it doesn't get much sleeker and minimal than that. But as you know, I do love my pop of color and bright lipstick would be a must. Being that my mom loves the city too her style definitely rubbed off on me to give me a little bit of city chic style. 

Well my loves, I will have lots of insta updates on instagram @dhope and Facebook of the city so check it out! 

Happy Saturday!

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