Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Inspoo

Loving some inspiration for this week. 

I know I have been slow with outfit posts this week, sorry! But 1) I have been loving the inspiration I have been finding on the internet and just need to share and 2) I need to edit a couple of my outfit posts so those will be up very soon. Plus, I will admit, this weather just makes me lazy and want to stay in comfy clothes and relax. I don't mind having to wear a coat, but when I'm still cold with my coat on then I struggle with the weather. I know I'm complaining already and it is only the beginning of winter and there is more snow for the weekend...I'll come up with new things to talk about promise.

So these inspoo pictures basically describes what I've been wearing as of late: easy comfy pieces (blue jeans, fur/knit, and boots) or black (all black everything). Now luckily my loves it is the weekend! Whoop! TGIF and have relaxing days off.


p.s. All images via my twin and I's pinterest. Check it out here.

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