Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Golden Globes Review

Awards Season has arrived!

Awards season has officially started and I am thrilled! Starting at 4 pm my sisters and I were watching E! News red carpet listening to the announcers predictions and silly games they played about celebrities to pass the time (I was also watching the football games; yes I am definitely a sports girl and the Australian Open started too!). Obviously, seeing all of the stunning dresses in the beginning is my favorite part of the event and here are my picks for this year!

First up we have the absolutely gorgeous Olivia Wilde who completely killed it in this emerald green, sparkly dress. She dressed her growing belly exquisitely and really stole the spotlight (at least that's what I thought!). 

Next we have Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting (newly married) who really surprised me with her choice and I truly loved it. I thought it was very different for her and any other celeb on the carpet, but definitely in a good, fashionable way. She looked feminine, sophisticated and chic in her faded, nude floral dress and I was very happy with her choice. 

Amy Adams, always a stunner, did not shy away for this event and rocked her multi-red, low cut dress. Also I am obsessed with her long, pendant necklace and would love to find out who it is by. If you know please share! I will definitely be on the hunt for something similar. 

I have been a fan of Emma Watson ever since the first Harry Potter and I love how she takes risks at big events. Last night was no exception and the surprising pants and long tunic was risqué, minimal, and rememberable. Fantastica!

Jennifer Lawrence, was classy and girly. Honestly her look speaks for itself and she is rocking her pixie cut. 

What were your favorites?

photos via Huffington Post

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