Monday, November 04, 2013

The Blogger Look

Almost every blogger I've seen have worn some variation of this look. 

Bloggers like to take trends and make them their own. We like to take runway inspired looks and turn them into real life outfits. With this said, bloggers tend to make trends out of trend. Take for example some essential pieces that a fashion blogger owns: leather pants, go-to booties, classic bag, and a hat (whether it be a fedora, baseball cap or beanie). We always have these pieces readily available for a moments notice. For this season, edgy booties paired with soft knits are major right now. And I was so lucky to finally put together this outfit once I got my boots!

I started with the fuzzy, pink sweater. I layered it with a plain white longsleeved-shirt for extra warmth. Then I had my essential leather pants paired with my black, leather boots. Then I had Gerard, with me and my Aero necklace which I cannot get enough of. What do you think?!

I wore this outfit while I was visiting New York to preview Aeropostale's Spring Collection. I can't say anymore right now but I wanted to thank the Aero team for letting my sister and I stop by to see what's coming up! Thank you!

Happy Monday,

p.s. This week I have two exams so posts may be a bit slow!

photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Sweater: H&M
Shirt: ZARA
Pants: ZARA
Boots: ZARA
Lipstick: CHANEL "la fascinante" 

This post is in partnership with Aeropostale.

|Thanks for Reading!|

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  1. HA! It's so true that is the classic blogger look this fall. I haven't found a hat that works yet, otherwise I'd probably have that post up on my blog too. - Katy from ModlyChic


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