Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Aero Look

My first look with some AEROPOSTALE pieces!

As I mentioned in late summer, Aeropostale and I were partnering up for their new collections and I am beyond excited to be on the team! I was able to pick out some of my favorite pieces and for this outfit it includes these knee high, leather capped boots. I have always admired how chic and modern tall boots look on other women and I was so jealous because I felt like I was too petite to wear them. But once I saw these at Aeropostale I knew I was meant to try out the trend and here is the result. I went with a very "M.O.D" (model off duty-esque) look with classic pieces in black and grey. The touches of warmth from the gold and red added just enough color for this look. It is definitely one of my favorite looks to date and my favorite piece has to be the boots and lipstick! I also love this trendy necklace from Aeropostale: it is a crystal with a gold casing. A nice touch of bohemian whimsy for this minimal look. 

What do you think!? I also love how the boots have the capped front, which is perfect to define my style aesthetic: minimal with a touch of flare; never boring. I have more outfits coming up with Aeropostale as part of their AEROPOSTALE VIP program which I cannot wait to share. 

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. can I please mention how much I am loving my new Chanel Lipstick! I think the shade was made for me. 

photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Scarf: vintage
Blazer: MANDEE
Sweater: FOREVER 21

This post is in partnership with Aeropostale

|Thanks for Reading!|

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