Monday, October 28, 2013


Fun sweater for some casual layering. 

I love it when pieces come together to make a killer outfit. I was mixing different styles so the outfit could have gone haywire but luckily it was all subtle enough to work. I started with this amazing sweater from Aeropostale. I didn't realize how much I would actually like this sweater until I had it on. It is a size bigger which makes it easy to add other pieces without being too restricted. Plus I love that it has one pink lip stain! This sweater was basically made for me. Then I added the denim shirt for some extra warmth and it added a touch of preppiness too.  Next came my edgy, biker boots. I am so happy with this purchase and so grateful my parents got them for me! They add the right amount of edge to any outfit giving it just some extra kick. They remind me a lot of the cutout Balenciaga or Alexander Wang biker boots from last season. I actually have not stopped wearing them since I got them on my birthday. I will make sure to get a better picture of them for the next post. Next, I had my cigarette pants which I always forget how well they fit. If you get anything out of this post today it should be this: well fitted or tailored pants reallllly make a difference on how they look. The extra cost can be detrimental to your wallet but it is well worth it in the long run. Look at it as an invest: an invest in good looking pants! Lastly, we have the crystal necklace and my go-to bracelets to complete the outfit. An easy, cool girl-meets-sophisticated-chick kinda look. 

What do you think?
Happy Monday!

p.s. I know indoor photos are not the best, but it was too dark outside! 

 photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Pants: GAP
Boots: ZARA
Necklace: c/o AEROPOSTALE
Denim shirt: MOSSIMO

This post is in partnership with Aeropostale.

|Thanks for Reading!|

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