Sunday, October 06, 2013

2013 Paris Fashion Week Update

Last but not least, the Paris Fashion Week update. 

These shows were unbelievable, pure craftsmanship. I actually do not have enough words to describe these shows so let the picture speak for themselves.  

GIVENCHY: I have not seen couture like pieces on a RTW runway show in awhile and I loved it. These awe-inspiring pieces are unforgettable.

CHANEL: this reminded me of classic Chanel. Lots of tweed and structured clothing, these pieces are great from work to a weekend of relaxation, at least I think so. 

LOUIS VUITTON: Can you believe that Marc Jacobs is leaving!!? What are they going to do!? Who is going to step in?! I'm sure we will find out soon, but in the mean time this runway show was epic. A mixture of grunge meets the city, these clothes were to die for. 

SAINT LAURENT: Girl power was across this runway from masculine suits to flirty cocktail dresses, these pieces were made for confident women.

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