Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tutorial: The Hair Mask

Finally introducing you to the hair mask that my mom, sisters, and I use. 

Natural and organic ingredients are always a plus for your health. They are full of essential proteins, and nutrients that make your hair and skin rich and soft. For this tutorial I am showing you how to make a hair mask. I have been using it since May and my hair has been loving it. I also, haven't cut it since May because it doesn't need the trim since my ends are healthy! This is so lovely, especially since I am really trying to grow my hair out. 

Doing this mask as much as possible is best. I recommend at least once, or twice a month. However, what I did in the beginning for the first two months was twice a week, so that I could see the effects sooner. Then I moved on to once a week, and then every other week. 

The glorious thing about this mask is that it is simple, only a couple of steps, the ingredients are easy to get, and it doesn't restrict your activity. I have worked out with this mask on, done homework, cleaned and you can even sleep with it on over night and then wash it out. You just have to be careful because it is oily and may make a mess on your pillowcase. And speaking of oily, depending on your hair texture you need to be careful with how much of the ingredients (especially the honey and avocado oil) you use. This is definitely a trial and error process so it may take you a couple of tries to figure out how much of each ingredient is good for your individual hair type.

 Okay lets get started!:

16oz cooking bottle (one that can squirt out the mask)
Raw coconut milk
Bottle of honey
Avocado Oil
Rose Water Oil
(All can be found at the Vitamin Shoppe or your local ShopRite/Whole Foods/Trader Joe's)

1) Pour about half of the coconut milk into the bottle. Here I ended up pouring all of it in because I was making the mask for two people (myself and Amanda), but for one person half will be fine.

2) Pour enough honey (again depending on your hair texture, if it is a bit fine or oily, be careful with this) until you see about half an inch on the bottom. 

3) Next pour the Avocado oil into the bottle. This will puddle on the top of the milk unlike the honey that sunk. Pour enough so you see a thin layer (or depending on your hair type) on the top of the milk. 

4) Now add a couple of drops of Rose Water, depending if you like the smell, 5-10 drops. This just adds a little bit of aroma to the mix because the other ingredients don't have much of a smell. Instead of rose water, you can add Jasmine or other nice smells. 

5) Finally shake the bottle really well until all of the mixture is together and you can't see the honey on the bottom or avocado oil on top. And you have your hair mask! That easy!

Now for the application of this, you squirt the mask everywhere on your hair and scalp, but do it in sections. I usually start on the top by squirting a bit and the key part is this next step. After squirting make sure you really lather and massage the mask into your hair and scalp. It should be a relaxing massage as if you are at the spa. Massaging the mask into you scalp allows the blood to flow through your head and is a great stress reliever. For the ends (or from the hair that is under my ear and down) I usually rub the mask into my hair with the palm of my hands while for my scalp I use my finger tips. After you have drenched and lathered all of your hair and scalp, wrap you hair in a cotton towel or soft, old t-shirt and keep it in their for as long as you can. At least an hour would be good. 

Remember, the amount of the ingredients vary for hair type and length. Some people need more or less than others. I hope you enjoy this mask as much as I do and let me know what you think!!!

Happy Saturday!

|Thanks for Reading!|

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