Monday, September 23, 2013

Milan Fashion Week 2013

Milan Fashion Week Update. 

MFW is definitely one of my favorite weeks. They always bring such passion, color, and emotion into their clothes that you don't always see in London or New York. They are always going to the extravagant and create memorable shows. 

First we have Prada and what a statement was made. Fashion can definitely be involved in politics and that is what happened here. Cartoon meets couture was such a fun and intelligent show that will be remembered for years. 

As you noticed, Dolce & Gabbana really stole the show and had one magnificent piece after another. I couldn't choose just a couple because they all needed to be shared. I debated on just dedicating this post to D&G but that wouldn't have been fair to the other shows! Go ahead and take another look at these pieces because they are breathtaking.

Can we please take notice of the bag! Fendi is ultra cool and hip in a techno colored outfit with fur bags. I need it, like now. 

You know you're in Italy! This sexy piece by Gucci portrays the beauty of a women's figure. The black blending into purple and blue is stunning.

What do you think of the shows?
Happy Monday!

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