Monday, September 23, 2013

London Fashion Week 2013

London Fashion Week Update.

What I noticed all across London were prints: prints, prints, prints. Some were paired with more prints while others were styled with a subtle, more structured piece. Another trend included the colors: blue, brown, and white.

Here we have Burberry in an exquisite coat and shoes that I am drooling over! I need them for spring. They are the perfect shade of pink and the shape extremes minimal and structure. Plus this coat looks like it could keep me warm now and could definitely be styled all through fall into winter. 

Now Topshop Unique created a very sport-ready for the next game meets grunge vibe. The combination of relaxed pieces with wind streaked hair and dramatic makeup made for a very cool girl show. 

Oh Tom Ford, if only you would dress me everyday, life would never be boring. Look at these killer pieces!! Warrior meets princess in this glam jewel incrusted suit. I am not sure where I would wear it, but if I ever put it on, it may never come off...

What did you think of London!

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