Monday, September 02, 2013

Dorm Style

Style is not only how you dress yourself, but also how you decorate your room. 

So as you know I have had a big move. A milestone if you will. I am at college, continuing my education and boy is it different from home. I will say the first two days were rough. Tears, oh yes. Anxiety, very present. But there is also curiosity, courage, and discovery. Having to live away from my family is not easy for me. But it is something I should do and want to do and they have been supportive all this time. As I am told over, and over again this is going to be the best four years of my life. From all the opportunities available to things I will learn, it will be unforgettable. So since I told you in earlier posts, I will be sharing tips along the way my first one is this: acknowledge how new and different this experience is, but find your courage and get out there! Don't let your fears stop you because you will miss out. 

Now lets get to the decor. I had a bedding theme of travel in black and white. Now, with such neutral colors I knew I wanted a pop of color around the room. Which is basically how I wear my clothes as well. I bought new stuff in stores and old stuff as well to make my room cozy and homelike. I really like the set up so far. I knew I wanted to be creative with the walls, since these white brick ones can be very bland and dull. So I added tons and tons of pictures and of course my inspiration board for fall! As you can tell I love magazines for so many reasons. Then I also added, my own photography, a pretty poster from my little sister, and actors/celebrities that I adore. What do you think of my dorm style!?

I also have my sister's side of the room pictured. I just keep telling myself how lucky I am to have her through this transition! She is much more colorful and practical than I am which makes our style different but complimentary. She went with overall colors and prints and stayed neutral with her accessories. Ultimately, she went with "what felt right" for her decor. 

Thanks for visiting! Happy Monday/Labor Day!

p.s. if you want details of where anything is from, just leave a comment or email me and I can gladly let you know!! 

Lovely little Buddha from my sister to help my Zen. 

Have fun with your pieces, and stack books then add cute little trinkets or put all your nail polish on display in a bowl!
The egg is vintage from Paris thanks to my grandma. 
I like to leave room on my desk to work. 

Be efficient with your closet space: I have all of my small bags in the two big bags on the top shelf and everything is layered but easy to view so that I don't forget what I have. 

My little sister helped make this box for my jewelry beautiful. I loved how she did it!
Amanda's side: 

"Slight bohemian vibe" for her bed. I love the fuzzy pillow in the back!

Shoe racks makes life so much better. 

Extra chairs for lounging. These amazing ones fold as to avoid taking up to much space. I love the retro look. They are from my wonderful Aunt!

photos by me

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