Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Little Escape

Some play time in the big Apple.

Yesterday, which you saw if you looked at my Instagram, I was in New York. It is very convenient and I am so grateful to live only twenty minutes from New York which makes visiting awfully easy. My friends and I took the bus to NY and it was actually my first time using it . . . I know not that much of a city girl because my lovely parents always drive into the city since it is so close. I have to say it was a bit nerve-racking to try something new out but that is also what made it so much fun and exciting since it was the first time taking the bus and going to the city by ourselves. For some this is probably no big deal, but for us we had so much fun figuring this system out. It is also so helpful when your friend knows the city like the back of her hand. Thanks Savanna!

We went all around NY from Times Square up a bit to Byrant Park then all the way down to the Flatiron Building and kept going down to the shops near NYU. We got our exercise for that day and some! We got lunch and some gelato at EATALY which was beyond delicious and really hit the spot after walking in the heat. 

Amanda and I took photos in two parks: Byrant Park (where NY Fashion Week takes place) and Madison Square Park which had great artwork. For my outfit it was easy to walk in with no layers. A very straightforward outfit was just what I needed for so much walking. With a couple of accessories, a tank and cut offs was my best bet for the city. What do you think?

Happy Tuesday!

photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Shorts: GAP
Shirt: FOREVER 21
Sunglasses: RAY-BAN
Necklace: EXPRESS
Bags: GAP

|Thanks for Reading!|

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