Saturday, August 10, 2013

Insta Update {Florida 2013}

Here is a mini photo diary of my vacation in Florida through Instagram! You can always find me @dhope.

My 5 week long vacation was fabulous! The beach is literally my happy place and being able to spend so much time there is a dream come true. Here you have the little shots I took throughout the month. A couple of them I wasn't able to Instagram, but I still added it to the collage.

On top going across:
1. Sunset and a palm tree on my beach.
2. The ocean through my eyes.
3. Amanda and I at the Miami Convention.
4. Dinner outfit.
5. Haagen-Dazs caramel ice cream.
6. Clear ocean water.
7. Brunch meal.
8. Beach attire.
9. More palm trees (can you tell I am a little obsessed). 

10. Relaxing on the beach.
11. Pretty flowers by the pool.
12. Healthy pasta dinner.
13. Full outfit at the Miami Convention. 
14. Fish Tacos at Duck Key.
15. Another ocean pic!
16. Blog's anniversary cupcake.
17. Duck Key resort.
18. Miami Convention #selfie.

19. Morning breakfast while getting a post ready.
20. Finally got some macaroons.
21. Miami Convention badge.
22. Sparkling trees. 
23. Month worth of magazines.
24. Another healthy lunch thanks to mom!
25. Blogging breakfast.
26. Lunch time.
27. Snapshot for the blog's birthday!

28. View from the pool.
29. Last picture of palm trees.
30. Gold eyeliner.
31. Fun in the sand.
32. Finally found pizza.
33. A good book and the beach.
34. Last shot of Duck Key
35. Funny cardboard cutout.
36. Amidst a forest. 

Happy Saturday!

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