Monday, August 05, 2013

Floridian Nights

Hot night and black and white. 

To give you a little update on my location (incase you haven't seen my instagram-@dhope-which is always up-to-date) I am spending my last week in Florida somewhere special. To some it is called the most magical place on Earth, others consider it human torture and sometimes it can be a little but of both depending on the day. But I am beyond happy to be here and so appreciative that my family likes to take vacations. So drum roll please.... we are in none-other-than Disney World!  

Now I have been a bit of a bad blogger and have only took like three outfit photos, but it is so hot and I am trying to focus on the fun rides that my outfits aren't particularly spectacular. Sneakers become your best friend during a Disney vacation. 

As for this outfit: it was taken last week and I was going for a classic black and white look with a pop of red. Honestly, I couldn't find any other shoes and these sandals were a last resort but luckily it worked. It is always a happy experience when your last minute choice works. When it doesn't, all I think is, "if only I could change, why did I choose these, omg, omg, omg" and so on. Hopefully, I am not the only one who thinks this but if I am oh well. I really did like the end result of this outfit, and this t-shirt is just too cool. I like the play of the black and white strips in a simple but edgy design. What do you think?

Posts, may be a bit slow this week since I am at Disney and will be traveling, back home as well. You can always see new things on Insta!

Happy Monday!

photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
T-shirt: TED BAKER
Sandals: OLD NAVY
Bag: vintage

|Thanks for Reading!|

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