Thursday, August 01, 2013

Bits and Pieces from the Swimwear Convention

Here is my full look for the Swimwear Convention

Tomorrow I will post the rest of my outfit look and my sister's too! She decided to pose for us because her outfit was too good to miss out on and not have documented. I hope you liked yesterday's post with the different designers and their looks. It was really fun doing an informal interview and taking pictures of the new collections. It felt really different from my usual outfit post and I really liked being more of a journalist for the day! Working for a magazine has always seemed like an exciting job because you are so immersed in fashion and all that it entails. 

However, at the moment I do want to become a doctor. I've always enjoyed the sciences in school and becoming a doctor and working in a hospital has always interested me. So come the fall when I start college, I will be working towards medical school. Hard journey, yes, but I am always up for a challenge. 

Today is actually my last day in Hallandale Beach! Sad of course, because this is totally my happy place, but the fam and I are off to none-other-than the happiest place on Earth! Can you guess?

For the rest of the post I have just some random shots. Hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for Florida's photo diary!

Happy Thursday!

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