Thursday, August 29, 2013

Aeropostale VIP Member

Two posts in one day! Making up for yesterday's lack of post. So as I announced earlier this month, I have been asked to be a member of the Aeropostale VIP program. I am so excited and honored to be part of this community!! Basically, this means you will be seeing some more Aeropostale clothing and accessories on the blog and I could not be happier! If you are like me, I used to always shop at Aero back in middle school because I loved having all the logo tees and sweats. Then, when high school rolled around I stopped because I no longer wanted so many logos in my wardrobe. Now, with another transition (college life) I am shopping at Aeropostale! What was old is new again! They have truly revamped their aesthetic and have created very chic, trendy, and perfect basics for any wardrobe. Being that we are all making our fall wish-lists for the new season, I put together some of my must-haves from Aero. 

1. Everyone loves a good graphic tee. These three graphic tees can be perfectly paired with trusty old blue jeans, or spice things up with printed pants or a leather skirt and statement necklace. 

2. You know my love for denim shirts. So how amazing is this bleached one!! I need it!

3. Cargo pants are an easy basic that every girl needs. 

4. Scarves are ideal for the chilly weather and these fun, pretty ones give just the right amount of dainty for any outfit. 

5. A trusty sweatshirt can work wonders and one in an edgy color with lace details is good in my book.

6. Finally shoes (!): Black booties with little studs is perfect for my minimal look with flare; electric blue loafers and spikes can carry you through fall to winter; and how cool and fierce are these leather and cheetah sneakers. I am not a big sneaker girl but I totally want need these!!

 All of these pieces can be found at
What are some of your favs?


  1. how did you get to be a part of thisJust wondering,as a blogger I think that'd be awesome!


  2. Hey Courtney! During the summer I was contacted by the Aero team to join their community.


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