Thursday, July 18, 2013

Traveling Outfit

You need a little more when it is a car and NOT an airport. 

This is what I wore on the first day traveling to Florida. We are driving for a total of 12 hours in my Dad's packed up minivan. For the first day we end up in South Carolina and stay at a hotel for the night. 

So when it comes to surviving a whole day, and into the night, of being cooped up in a car you NEED the essentials. I wore my comfiest, silk pants because they are basically glorified pajamas. Then I put on my softest white T shirt and I threw on my blue knit sweater. You see, being that it is stifling hot outside you need the air conditioning on inside. You don't want to be annoying and constantly say "Can you lower the air, I'm cold" or "I'm starting to get hot, higher the air please" over and over again. It is just better to prepare for the elements and to be smart about it. So with pants, an extra pair of socks in my carryon, and a knit sweater you're good. I also use my towel as a blanket; this way I am not carrying something extra, but I still have something to cover me. 

For my accessories, I had my phone, wallet, and lipstick/chap stick, in the little vintage bag for easy access. Then I had fun colorful glasses and a baseball cap just because. Actually this is the one time I don't have any bracelets on! It just wasn't making it out of my carryon for these pictures. 

Lately, I have actually been loving this baseball cap. I have had it for years, easily since I was in middle school, but only wear it occasionally. Now, with the "Sport's Trend" on the rise, I have been wearing it a little more. Incase you missed it, I have a post dedicated to sportswear! Click HERE.

What do you wear when traveling?
Happy Thursday!

photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Pants: J.CREW
Espadrilles: MANDEE
Bag: vintage
Sunglasses: FOREVER 21 c/o TEEN VOGUE
Baseball Cap: ADIDAS

|Thanks for Reading!|

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