Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Denim Collection

Finally presenting to you my love for denim shirts. 

I have probably talked about this post for at least a year. I have mentioned, constantly I am sure, how much I love my denim shirt. It is one of the best pieces of clothing and it is timeless. This allows for an endless supply of outfit inspiration. Whenever I am in need of a quick outfit, a denim shirt and printed pants is the perfect chic yet sophisticated look. Being that there were 36 outfits, I know, I categorized them into different groups. Above we have Summer Looks

1. Resort style: An easy look with textures and neutrals is perfect for paradise. Click HERE for the full post/outfit details. 
2. Summer Days: Pairing edgy leather with a denim shirt oozes confidence and modernity. Click HERE.
3. Effortless: A splash of color with matching shorts and lipstick is always a fun way to mix things up. Click HERE 
4. Labor Day Weekend: Who doesn't wear white on Labor Day? 
5. Summer Days: Printed shorts are a perfect contrast to denim shirts. Click HERE. 
6. Barbecue Party: Look polished but party appropriate in this look. Click HERE.

Next Accessorized Looks styled with the denim shirt.

7. Hipster: With oversized gold earrings, maroon hat, and grey jeans you will definitely be in. Click HERE
8. New Yorker: Sleek, leather pieces are always a go-to for the hustle and bustle of The City. Click HERE.
9. American Spirit: 4th of July or not, you can always express your nationality in a chic way. Click HERE.    
10. Classy: Pearls and Chanel are a girls' best friend. Click HERE.
11. London Grunge: Tartan pants and a gothic tee will transport you to another place. Click HERE.
12. The New Look: A look soon to be worn on the blog, modern, edgy and fierce.

Now we have Fall Looks: 

13. Biker Chick: Layering on cool, hard pieces will get you ready for any motorcycle ride. Click HERE.
14. Date Night: A feminine skirt with a denim shirt prepares you for any type of night. Click HERE.
15. Casual Glam: Mixing glamourous and basics in similar colors brings out your inner diva. Click HERE.
16. Feeling Wild: Cheetah is a great print and mixing them together with leather pulls the look together. Click HERE
17. Western Movement: Tie-dye with greens and browns gives you a Cowboy/girl-esque feel. Click HERE.
18. Disco Dance: A pop of texture brightens any outfit. Click HERE

Next is Simple Looks

19. Classic: You can never go wrong with cheetah flats and red lipstick.
20. Traveler: The key to traveling successfully is in a comfortable, but trendy outfit. Click HERE.
21. Flower Power: Every girl should have at least one floral pant.
22. Boho: A colorful necklace always alludes to hippie status. Click HERE.
23. Retro: Polka dots may be old fashioned, but not out of date. Click HERE.
24. Weekender: Statement pants with a matching bag is perfect for adventures on the weekend. Click HERE.

Now it's Spring Looks

25. The Athlete: Sneakers, who know they could be worn with snakeskin pants! Click HERE.
26. The Modern Look: Boyfriend jeans is the perfect combo for an all denim look and killer heels. Click HERE.
27. Girls Night Out: Basic but not boring pieces. Click HERE.
28. Fashion Night Out: Original with a mix of trends, gold and blue accessories are high fashion worthy. Click HERE.
29. Spring Look: Light harem pants with wedges and colorful accessories makes spring sprout. Click HERE. 
30. Canadian Tuxedo: As in all denim with a touch of pink and great parka jacket.  

Finally Winter Looks:

31. Girly Pieces: A mesh of glamourous yet sophisticated pieces can produce any princess. Click HERE.
32. Winter Nights: Winter shorts are perfect with a heavy sweater and loafers. Click HERE.
33. Extra Layers: When snow starts to fall, you can never have to many layers. Click HERE.
34. Winter Classic: Some pieces are just made for a great winter look. Click HERE.
35. Street Style: You always look cool in a beanie and snow boots . . . Click HERE.
36.  Blush Tones: Who said you couldn't be glam in the winter. Click HERE.

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