Monday, July 08, 2013

Madness Before Prom

A little behind the scenes photos of my sister and I getting ready.  

Thanks to my mom and her lovely friends who are practically makeup artists in disguise, they transformed me from regular girl to dramatic punk rocker. Actually I realized when everything was done that my look would have totally been perfect for the Met Gala because I was very "punked out." 

My makeup inspiration was Emma Watson at one of her Harry Potter premieres. She had a simple but chic dress, and completely vamped up her makeup. That is exactly what I wanted to do and my friend, Allie made it happen! She really was amazing on how perfect she did my hair and makeup! A big thank you to Allie and Clarissa! You can see the inspiration HERE.

As for my hair I wanted something different and cool, something other people wouldn't have. With the help of Allie, she gave me a mohawk! It was sooo amazing and I am still stunned that she was able to do it. Selena Gomez had a similar hairstyle; you can see the inspiration HERE. Now I do not have super long hair or extensions, but you can still see the mohawk and I loved it! I still want to do it to my hair now. 

Once again, huge thank you to Allie, Clarissa, and my mom for all their help. Also, as for my outfit, it was a vintage plaid t-shirt which was easy to take off so I wouldn't ruin anything, and then my (I call them) "fashionable sweatpants" if such a thing exists. 

Later I will publish the final look so stay tuned! Thank you for your support; I am trying to figure out a proper schedule as to when I am going to post. And if any Miami fashion week events pop up, let me know!

Happy Monday!

Getting my makeup done!
Teasing my hair to enormous heights.
Makeup done now lets start hair. 
My sister and I being perfected by Allie and Clarissa. 

photos by my mom

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