Sunday, July 28, 2013

Inside my Beach Bag

I thought it would be most appropriate to show you what I carry in my beach bag since that is what I have been doing for the past month. I bring only the essentials with me because I don't want to be weighed down with too many extras that I end up not using. So to begin:

1. In order to bring anything to the beach, you need a pretty beach bag! I am currently using the FREE PEOPLE bag you get after purchasing clothes because it is light, oversized, and has lots of colors. Find some HERE.

2. To get to the beach, a beach cover up is needed. Some people like to go all out and really pick an outfit to wear for the beach. But for me, being on the beach is all about no fuss and vacation time so I keep things simple with a thin, shift dress that I bought on the sale rack at GAP like three years ago. Some HERE.

3. SUNSCREEN!!! The most important thing you need. Don't forget it because sunburn can lead to skin cancer and wrinkles! Here I have NEUTROGENA.

4. Sunglasses are a must. I don't use my Ray-Ban aviators because I don't want them to get ruined so I use these chic black ones from TARGET

5. One of my favorite things about vacation and going to the beach is being able to read. I love reading and I currently have finished 8 books since I got here. Dark Star, was about spying during WWII in Paris, Germany, and a couple of other European places. The story was great, but there was a lot of detail you had to get through before you get to the story.

6. Like I said earlier about keeping things simple, I only wear flip-flops to the beach. Who wants sand all over their good sandals?  Cute ones from AEROPOSTALE.

7. For extra coverage, a cute beach fedora will do the trick. HERE

8. To keep all of the little things I carry secure, I use this makeup case. It is also perfect to hold seashells.

9. A rubberband for your hair is always handy.

10. For when the cute lifeguard walks by, slap on some lipstick to add a little glam to your look. This one is form VICTORIA'S SECRET.

11. Iphone for Instagramming beach shots. Which I have done plenty and you can see them all @dhope.

12. Earphones for listening to music.

13. Last but not least a towel. I like pretty, bright colors for mine. 

   Complete Beach look!

What do you bring to the beach? 
Happy Sunday!

|Thanks for Reading!|

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