Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

Today is the blog's second birthday!!!!!!

Wow Casually Dapper is two years old already! So much has happened and I have been able to experience such fun events thanks to the blog. From being able to have multiple posts from the creative minds from Warby Parker and Shoe Dazzle, to being featured on Teen Vogue twice (here and here) and being able to join the Lucky and Neighborhoodies community and throw a Teen Vogue Girls' Night Party. Then I also have the Miami Fashion Week events I have attended and been able to meet designers and models (don't worry I haven't forgotten about this year's photos but it may take a little bit to go through, but it is coming). And now I have new projects and partnerships coming! One of them I cannot believe is happening and is a dream come true is a partnership with AEROPOSTALE! I am beyond thrilled and excited for this new endeavor and the clothes and events to come will be inspiring and fabulous!

Of course NONE of this could ever be possible without my beautiful photographer and twin AMANDA. She goes out everyday with me, rain or shine, to take pictures and she always does an amazing job. But not only does she take photographs but she always helps me with posts, designing outfits, and anything else she could possibly do for me and the blog. She is basically the co-writer!
Then I also have my mom, dad, two younger sisters, and supportive friends who always help me out with the blog. They love to give advice and are beyond helpful and I couldn't do this without them!

And of course last but DEFINITELY not least are you my lovely supporters and readers who take time out of their days to read my post and like it on the social media networks or leave comments and send emails. I love to hear from you and I always read everything you write to me. Without you guys I not have this blog and I am beyond grateful for you and your continuous love and support. I always excited to read your comments and emails to see what you think of the different outfits or posts and I just cannot express how happy I am for your visits to this blog. Thank you! 

Lots more news and post are to come.

Happy Monday!

p.s Isn't this cupcake divine!? My favorite pastry of all time with my favorite colors. Thanks to mom and dad!

I got all dressed up with no place to go for this mini photo shoot. What do you think of the makeup?

photos by Amanda

|Thanks for Reading!| 

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