Friday, July 05, 2013

Dressed Up

A day spent at Atlantic City.

(And that would be my friend photo bombing the picture)

Finally an outfit post! I feel like I have not done one in ages. But I am here and have lots of posts to update you on. I still need to show you my prom pictures, my college choice, and a couple of other outfits. Then of course I have beach wear to get to! Lots and lots for you guys!

As for this outfit: I needed to wear something dressy because I was going to an awards brunch. I went with this stunning aqua blue, lace dress that was dressy and a bit covered up. Then I added these brown wedges which I am totally in love with for summer. I am borrowing them from my mom. Then Gerard came along which was very convenient because I had a lot of stuff to carry. (Incase you are confused, I call my bag by an actually name as if it is a person or something. Probably a bit weird, but it is just how I roll). The overall look was simple and classic. What do you think?

Plus, I know Miami Fashion Week is coming up (at the end of the month) so if you know of any events or such let me know! I have a couple scheduled but the more the merrier. I hope you had a great fourth!

Happy Friday!

photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Dress: sister's
Shoes: vintage
Jacket: ZARA
Bracelets: H&M, DIY

|Thanks for Reading!|

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