Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2013 Swimwear Event

This year we were able to attend an even better event than last year. Check out the different designers I was able to chat with!

As you know, last year my mom, sister, and I attended a Swimwear event hosted by the company Miinto. This year Amanda and I went to something even bigger: the Miami Swimwear and Lingerie Show! It was so amazing to be able to meet with the different designers and see in person their beautiful designs. They were each different and pretty in their own way and I am going to share some little tidbits they shared with me about their company and swimsuits. 

But before we get to that I would just like to thank Izzy Riera and the rest of the convention team for helping my sister and I attend the shows. Thank you so much! We had a fabulous time.

For the remainder of the week I will finish off showing you some swimwear pictures.
Now to begin with the designers: 

~ Anne F. Faucher is the designer of this company.
~ Something that was very unique and stunning to her designs is that she is licensed to use Swarovski      
   crystals and real gold on her bathing suits!
~ Partnered with the diamonds, Anne keeps her bathing suit designs minimal and effortless to juxtapose 
   to the glamorous crystals.
~Her company is manufactured and based in Montreal, Canada. 
~Due to technique and innovation, the jewels are unaffected by chlorine and salt water, which allows 
  for worry-free and totally beautiful swimwear.
~Anne described how she always wanted to "dress up bathing suits" and she was able to do this with   
  none other than girls' best friend (diamonds). 
~To see more visit her site at

~Helena Fogarty is the founder. 
~Helena's swimsuits is all about being able to comfortable move around in your bikini.
~Being a surfer herself, she wanted to create pieces that were easy yet stylish for athletic activities.
~She did an amazing job in her collection of combining sporty yet trendy suits for any girl.
~I especially loved  the metallic silver two piece with its sports-bra-esque shape but total bikini look 
  which would look hot on any beach goer who is ready for some fun in the sun activities. 
~To see more visit her site at
~Model: Victoria Foster.

~Whitney Andersen is the designer of these pieces. 
~ Something truly inspiring about these designs is that on the inside of the bathing suit are motivating 
   quotes to give spirit and encouragement to girls in their bikini. 
~This idea for quotes on their suits is a truly genuine and genius design for us ladies to have a little 
   pick-me-up in a rather competitive world. 
~Whitney always had a love for the ocean in its entirety and she translated that passion into remarkable 
~My favorite piece from her collection is the retro, navy and pink horse one piece with its flattering cut 
  and animal-inspired design.
~Visit her site for more inspiration and bathing suits!

~ The designer of this brand is Alejandra Boggiano.
~ Alejandra was inspired by her Latin roots, yet lifestyle in California and New York. 
~By combining her inspirations she created this fresh, Peruvian inspired bathing suit collections. 
~ Her pieces are all naturally dyed and water resistant to allow for vibrant, dependable pieces. 
~ One of the really fantastic elements about her bathing suits is the detailed straps that are woven into 
  the bathing suit. 
~My favorite piece, and a shopper favorite, is the fringe bikini. It was something unexpected and 
   nothing that I have ever seen that added whimsy and a bohemian vibe to an otherwise classic piece. It 
   is a perfect playful and flirty piece.
~For more, visit her site at

~This luxurious brand is designed by 4 designers. 
~Zeki is a Turkish brand based in Istanbul. 
~ They use Italy fabrics in their collections along with the fabric Lycra for support. 
~This is their 3rd season in the United States and are currently branching out to the American 
   population and are becoming a growing favorite for Americans. 
~One of the designers, Gideon Oberson is a genius with patterns and textures: in fact as quoted by one\
   of the sales agents, "as tweed is to Chanel, patterns are to Gideon."
~Gideon's trademark being patterns, he creates  all of his own, original designs. 
~Model: Jamie Crandall
~ For more vist:

~ The designer of this company is Kimzie Luong.
~She is based in Southern California and is largely influenced by surf fashion.
~The story of her company's name is rather interesting: combing her dog's name Covey and beginning 
  it with a "K" for her name the word Kovey is meant for someone you love and adore.
~Well, I can tell you I love and adore this collection!
~Her combination of surfer chick meets glam girl creates a young and stunning look. 
~Visit her site for more looks:

~Cecilia Guiulfo is the designer of this company. 
~Celcilia having always loved the ocean and spent much time by it, turned her love into a collection. 
~This company is based in South America and is beginning to make its way into American fashion. 
~My favorite is the multi-colored animal print because it is fun, striking and shouts confidence for any
  woman wearing it. 
~For more visit her site:
~Model: Jessica Monda

What do you think of the designs!? Who are your favs?
Happy Wednesday!

photos by me

|Thanks for Reading!|

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