Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Metropolitan Style

Lights, Camera, Close up!

This was my outfit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and it is definitely one of my favorite museums. I was iffy about the MoMa, but the Met I truly love and my two favorite exhibits are the Ancient Egyptian rooms (because I just love the history of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, and if I could travel back in time it would be to Ancient Egypt and be a part of the royal court) and I ADORED the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibit. It was absolutely stunning and to see all of those couture clothing in person is literally magical. I highly recommend making a stop at the museum. Let me know if you visit and what is your favorite part!

As for the outfit: I wanted something that would be comfortable to walk around in and to battle the air conditioning because the temperature changes in each room (you can go from freezing to sweating instantly!). So I basically went with my classic pieces: leather shirt, scarf, ballet flats, and boyfriend jeans. Then I brought along my oversized bag, dramatic lipstick to add some flare to the outfit and my new statement necklace. What do you think?

Happy Wednesday!

photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Jeans: GAP
Shoes: FOREVER 21(similar)
Jacket: ZARA
Shirt: H&M
Necklace: H&M
Earrings: R.H. MACY'S & CO
Bracelets: DIY, EXPRESS, H&M
Lipstick: REVLON

|Thanks for Reading!|

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